Norsk Skuespillerforbund
Welhavensgate 1, 0166 OSLO
Tlf: 21 02 71 90

Norwegian Actors' Equity Association

Norwegian Actors' Equity Association is an independent organization whose purpose is to protect the artistic, judicial and financial interests of actors in Norway.

Founded in 1898, the Association is one of the oldest Labor Unions in the world for actors – and the only Labor Union in Norway representing professional actors.

The Association negotiates work agreements and also functions as a service organization for its members – working in theatre, film, television and radio in Norway and abroad.

The Association currently has 1500 members, of whom approximately 150 are permanently employed and 100 temporarily employed at institutional theatres and 1000 are freelancers. The Association also organizes pensioners and students.

NAEA publishes Skuespillerkatalogen – the Actors' Catalogue. As the leading national casting resource, it is used by most Norwegian TV, Film, Radio and Theatre companies.


A full membership in the Association may be obtained by any actor living in Norway whom either;

a) has completed a BA in acting at an accredited institution. Accredited institutions in Norway are the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo), Norwegian Theatre Academy (Akademi for scenekunst), NSKI College (NSKI høyskole), Westerdals Oslo Act and The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre (Musikkteaterhøyskolen).

and Nord University. An applicant’s theatre education should correspond to these degrees when it comes to entrance requirements, level and duration in order to qualify for a membership.

b) has worked as a professional actor within sufficient limits for a minimum of three continuous years prior to application.

c) is a foreign actor appointed in Norway (the membership lasts for the duration of the appointed period).


d) has previously met the conditions for obtaining membership, and can document engagement within of theatre, film, television, radio or other closely related areas.

Associated membership

a) The NAEA board may also grant membership to anyone who, without formal education, works as an actor within theatre, film, television, radio or other closely related areas, and who can document the profession being their main source of income.

b) Associated membership is granted for one year at a time. After a maximum of three years a full membership can be obtained.

Student membership
Acting students at any accredited institution have may apply for a student membership.